Twitter Advertising For Real Estate: Always Updated


Twitter is a great marketing channel for driving traffic and generating leads in fact, 42% of Twitter users follow brands or companies, which means if you’re not using Twitter for your business yet, you should learn how to integrate Twitter into your social media marketing strategy more.


If you do already have a Twitter account set up for your business, you might consider supplementing your organic efforts with some of the paid promotional opportunities that Twitter offers. Using Twitter ads is an easy way to get your tweets in front of larger audiences than just those who follow you, which is particularly useful if you’re looking to generate more new leads for your database. And you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on it, either — Twitter ads can be effective even on a relatively small budget.


So, how do you get started? Let’s go ahead and walk through the four basic steps to setting up your Twitter ad campaigns, and how to decide on the best structure for your campaigns.


5 Steps to Set Up a Twitter Ads Campaign


Step 1:  Choose Promotion Type


Twitter Advertising for Real Estate


Before you start any campaign on social media, you must first determine what your end goal is. What do I mean by this? Have a look at these examples of end goals and the decide what your end goal is before you move onto [Step 2]:


1. Choose Promotion Type #1 if: Goal is to push retweets, likes, and engagements with a specific tweet. Perhaps you have a huge event coming up and you want to garner more awareness that will lead to higher ticket sales. In this case, you would design an image and tweet copywriting that creates excitement about your event coming up.


2. Choose Promotion Type #2 if: Goal is to pull traffic off your social media and onto your website. Perhaps you have a new blog post, new products/services, a new features on your website, or a survey on your website and you want to attract traffic to your website. Furthermore, if you want to re-market to everyone who visits your website using Google Re-targeting ads or AdRoll choosing the ‘second promotion type’ in the image above will be your best option.


3. Choose Promotion Type #3 if: Goal is to garner more downloads of your new interior decorating APP or if you want to attract more attention to a new feature on your brokerage’s APP.


4. Choose Promotion Type #4 if: Goal is to attract more eyeballs to a video of a new property you are showing or if you recently did a video of your team welcoming new comers to Victoria, BC, CANADA (or wherever else you are from).


5. Choose Promotion Type #5 if: Goal is to grow your following and increase the ‘reach’ of your tweets organically. This promotion type is specifically geared toward putting your Twitter account in front of prospective new followers that have indicated (in their settings) that they are interested in YOUR type of content. Your Twitter profile will show up in the ‘suggested accounts to follow’ widget at the top of their Twitter home page.


6. Choose Promotion Type #6 if: Goal is to collect emails from Tweeters who have expressed interest in your offer. As a real estate professional, your offer could be an open house, it could be an appreciation lunch, a ‘How-to’ conference, or to purchase a T-shirt of the charity you are promoting.



Step 2: Review Where Your Add Will Be Placed & Viewed By Twitter Users




After you select your desired ‘Promotion Type’ your next step is to confirm that the promotion type you chose is indeed exactly what you would like. Twitter gives you a sneak peak at what your ad will look like before you move on to the next step.



Step 3:  Select Primary Targeting Criteria


The next step in setting up your campaign will be determining your targeting criteria. It’s important to customize your audience to be a good fit for your company and your message, and that way you’re only paying for clicks from people who might have some interest in downloading your content or learning more about your real estate services. Think of it this way, you want to ‘spend the money’ on clicks from the people who are most interested in your brand and the competitive advantage YOU offer. Do you really just want as many clicks as possible regardless of the likelihood of the clicker becoming a customer or recommending you to someone in their network? Of course not! Your budget is precious – we both know very well that the sales cycle of a home can be as large as the sales cycle for fashion designers (from raw textiles to retail cash

register). Let’s make that sales cycle shorter by putting your advertising dollars to good use! How do you customise your Twitter campaign? Here are my suggestions:


Suggestions #1: You can target your campaigns by interests and followers, or by keywords (only if you’re promoting tweets, not accounts). Twitter now also has a ‘Tailored Audiences’ feature, which gives you the option to target your website visitors or lists pulled from your database.


Suggestions #2: Target the followers of your competitors or influencers in your industry. A great use of this type of targeting is compiling a small list of the top influencers in your industry. For example, to promote a new interior designer that you have just partnered with, you will want to target an audience of users interested in interior design. Targeting by interests and followers allows you to say, show these tweets to people who like IDS West or some other [local] design conference or relevant radio show host],” and then you’ve created a large audience that’s still tailored to the topic of your content. Make sure that you target a local audience if you want to maximise your conversion rate or if you are indeed targeting foreign buyers, make sure you select your audience very, very strategically.


Suggestions #3: Add a list of interest categories — so I could say, for example, “show these tweets to people interested in interior design, real estate investment, [my city], and DIY home improvements.” Again, this creates a broad audience focused on the topic of the content or products you’re promoting.

Targeting by keywords allows you to reach people that search, tweet about, or engage with specific keywords. You can also choose to have your tweets appear in either users’ timelines or in search results. The benefit of this type of targeting is that it helps you define a more qualified audience, since these people are actively looking for or engaging with those specific keywords that are relevant to your offer.


Twitter also included a feature that recommends additional keywords to include in your campaign (just click on “Expand Your Reach”) in your Twitter campaign window so you can make sure you’re not missing out on any highly-searched terms. Please see the next page for image.



Twitter Advertising for Real Estate



Finally, targeting Tailored Audiences allows you to run retargeting campaigns through Twitter. You’ll need to work with one of Twitter’s ads partners to build audiences based on pixels on your site or by matching lists from your database. Twitter’s retargeting tool is fairly straightforward– it lets advertisers target users who have visited their website or subscribe to their email newsletter.



Best practices and Twitter tips for your business




Best practices and Twitter tips for your business




Best practices and Twitter tips for your business



Is this over your head? Do not worry – your web developer or TheMarketingsmith can help you get it all set up (it is quite cheap to have us install the code and manage your campaigns each month. The best part is that you can track exactly how each campaign is doing so you have complete control over your marketing budget!



Step 4:  Choose From Additional Targeting Options


Beyond targeting certain interests and keywords, you can also choose to target your audience by location, device, and gender. How do you choose? You’ll want to target by location if you run a local business, or if you sell primarily to specific regions (whether that’s your city or Canada).

You can also select which devices you’d like your promoted tweets to be displayed on — any combination of desktop and the various mobile devices. This is a great targeting option if your product or service caters more specifically to people on the go, or if your website visitors are most likely to convert on your offer when they’re in the office.

Finally, if your product or service caters primarily to either males or females, you should take advantage of the gender targeting option.



Step 5:  Create Your Tweets


This is the fun part! Once you’ve determined the structure of your campaigns and your target audience, go ahead and create the tweets you’d like to promote. You can either select from existing tweets in your account, or create new ones.

When crafting a new tweet, click on the eye icon to select delivery type — standard (which will promote it immediately to your followers just like an organic tweet), or promoted-only (which will only promote it through your Twitter Ads campaign).


Monitor Your Campaigns


You can track your impressions, results, and cost-per-result across all your different campaign objectives. Your Tweet activity dashboard is where you’ll find metrics for every single one of your Tweets. You’ll know exactly how many times Twitter users have seen, Retweeted, liked and replied to each Tweet.



Best practices and Twitter tips for your business



That is all it takes guys and gals! Simply assign your campaign a daily budget and a maximum spend limit, and set it live. Be sure to keep an eye on your campaigns as they run, and continue to optimize them for better results. If you are low on time and would like a campaign designed and managed seamlessly, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can offer you advice or we can execute the entire campaign with a hitch! We manage social media campaigns for the real estate industry all over North America, Australia, UK, and Canada. Reaching out  to us with questions is completely FREE, so what are you waiting for?


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