Pipikini: The Next Generation Of Fashion Designers 
  In an effort to expand the impact of emerging designers, Savanna Franklyn of Pipikini, launched The House of Fashion, a new designer platform for emerging designers to showcase their curated and unique collections for the world to see. As part of the launch of this new sub-brand, […]

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Sharesy: Redefining The Local Sharing Community 
  Sharesy has a well-engineered platform that has all the makings of a global sharing eco system. Sharesy offers a digital space where community members can post items that they no longer use and wish to give a second life to a trusted community and earn extra income! 

With […]

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CU Communications

CU Communications: Multi-Million Dollar Law Suits Avoided Thanks To Crisis Intervention Programs. 

  CU Communications is known for their ability to source de-escalating content from around the world, with a commitment to delivering efficiently and effectively. TheMarketingsmith translated CU Communications’ uncompromising quality into a branding package and a website, dedicated to multi-national companies. By […]

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Hair by Sophia

Hair by Sophia: Local Hair Designer Finds The National Spotlight On YouTube. 
  The local, Victoria, BC hairstylist has thought big her entire life with dreams of opening up her own hair salon and filling the hair studio with nothing less than the best emerging talent Victoria has to offer. Founded in 2005, Hair by […]

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UGO Fit / UGO HP: Popularizing the wrestling and body movement experience 
  Internationally acclaimed, Nicholas Ugoalah, is the official founder of the world renowned UGO Fit and UGO HP programs. Available in over 135 countries via their digital programs, UGO Fit is a training company for the world’s greatest fighters. UGO HP was born […]

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Oko Dance Studio

Oko Dance Studio: Why walk when you can dance?

  For over two decades, Kenny-Davis Ntolla has been a purveyor of some of the finest dances to be found anywhere in the world. TheMarketingsmith helped them maintain and refresh their iconic brand status, including the “shop in studio” integration of a shoe and clothing store inside […]

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PCL Lawyers

PCL Lawyers: From boutique to one stop shop In an increasingly competitive law market, PCL Lawyers realized that in order to differentiate, it would need to embark on the broadest brand refresh in the law firms 15-year history. The objective was to create a perception change from a small law firm, to a full-suite law […]

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92 Water

Never Before Harnessed: Caffeine + Pure H2O = 92 Water As a leading brand in innovative hydration formulas, 92 Water demanded a business development strategy that could identify the primary B2B and B2C target markets that would be the source of their initial traction. It was clear that their playing field was extremely crowded and […]

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Moula: Working Capital for the Working Class 
As a disruptive brand in the financial industry, Moula has been dominating the working capital loan market for the past half decade. Everyone knows that it is truly a rare financial beast that can see the longevity in a small business balance sheet. For Moula, believing in the […]

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Biggin and Scott

Biggin and Scott : A home to sell and a team to do it. 
Biggin and Scott is one of the largest real estate firms of its kind, in Australia, and was established on Chapel Street (Melbourne) during the 1890 property boom and has been trusted by generations of Melbourne property sellers, investors and landlords. […]

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