Virendra Sing of TheMarketingsmith


Virendra is a huge data geek. He loves to torture every little byte and make them confess everything. And UX Design? Well, it better not cross him because he will straighten them out too!

He is excited to work with TheMarketingsmith because it’s on eof the largest marketing agency’s on the west coast of Canada and he is passionate about working with mid-level industries, It is one of the most highly regarded company’s for its values & ethics, and he can enhance his knowledge and shows the best out of him. Virendra Singh is an expert on Web development and web designing, with long experience in both fields.

Strongly active in networking, Virendra has accounts on several social networking sites. He spends time on them writing his own updates and reading the updates of others, because he enjoys doing it. It’s a new way to interact with friends, family, or even random strangers online in a controlled environment because for someone who works at home – this is a fantastic opportunity to find collaboration opportunities.

He spends the most of his time working, and he recognizes that he should sleep a little more to relax his mind. He is a sports lover and he loves to watch and play sports like cricket and badminton.