Loves JAVA but not Coffee. Once upon a time, wrote HTML tables with missing <tr>’s and <td>’s but now he dances on the tables (just kidding). The ever smiling face and the thirst to learn more describes him perfectly!

Tegin works out of the same office as the rest of TheMarketingsmith team but he actually works for Whyzlist (the company that TheMarketingsmith is the venture capitalist of)! Under the tutelage of Orianna, Tegin is a vibrant addition to our Vancouver office.

Focusing his attention on BPO [Business Process Outsourcing], software developing and installation. Right away, Tegin discovered his affinity for debugging applications in various sectors like web programming and designing.

Today, the strength of Tegin’s character is well known amongst his closest friends as being humble, polite, friendly and cooperative. With no surprise, his colleagues are equally as generous with the praise of Tegin’s character, describing him as gracious, helpful, and genuine.

When Tegin has time off, you can find him exploring new outdoor areas in Vancouver and hitting up creative green spaces that give him the scope to further is programming languages. With great anticipation of the next quarter, Tegin is eager to soak up everything Whyzlist CMO, Orianna Lacey, and CTO, Jeff Zeller have to offer. He is prepared to improve his technical knowledge in programming and work towards building the skills critical to being one of the top IT managers in Canada.