Once a professional bikini model (seriously, Google it) and a short but sweet chapter as a financial adviser for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada. Once wanderlust, Orianna has quickly earned the reputation of being the ‘roadrunner’ of the marketing and startup industry.

This woman cannot get enough of automating stuff! From her morning coffee to office water delivery and Buffering social media, if Orianna can press a button, put a system in place, or discover a faster way to delegate tasks, she will do it without hesitation!

Orianna rebranded and relaunched TheMarketingsmith in Melbourne, Australia where her Australian head office can found, willfully invading Little Bourke st. Over the past decade, her boutique marketing agency grew so quickly that she expanded to the west coast of Canada, Vancouver, to be closer to her family and the Canucks (who obviously missed her a great deal). In early 2016, Orianna was approached by CTO, Jeff Zeller, to be an investor in his rapidly growing tech startup: www.Whyzlist.com. Excited to breathe and learn in the same environment as one of the biggest tech startups on Vancouver island – with the support of her team, TheMarketingsmith became a marketing venture capitalist.

Getting her hands with dirty with hundreds of startups and corporate giants, in 2016, Orianna decided that enough was enough, it was time to start giving back to the entrepreneur eco-system; hence, www.TheEntrepreneursocial.com was born.

Likes her tea with 2 dashes of sugar and life with a pinch of paprika. Orianna consciously tries to be relentlessly productive and firmly plants her feet on either side of, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”.