Manuel Fraile with TheMarketingsmith


After 7 years in a family-owned business in Spain, Manuel decided to dust off his Bucked List. Working abroad in a marketing agency was in the first line, so he chose TheMarketingsmith to make one of his dreams come true. Manuel is already gaining international experience and developing his professional skills in a multidisciplinary position.

His restless and idealistic character, his passion for bringing innovated solutions,and a personal aim to leave a positive footprint in his enviroment, lead him to learn and develop new professional skills continuosly. His goals are clear, be a great professional in his daily tasks, learn as much as possible, and be happy.

He had been in Vancouver before, and he loved it because of the natural enviroment and the quality of life you can breathe in the city. Vancouver is a young city, but it is also a cosmopolitan city with people for all around the world, and that is amazing.

He strongly believes that the World is changing so fast, so if you stop learning, you are dying, so he is always improving his knowledge, attending conferences, special events or business affairs in Spain, or following online events (he is a TED talks fan).

He loves nature and outdoor activities, specially go skiing or hiking, and enjoys with action movies or self development books. He is an amateur photographer , and a DIY (do-it-yoursef) defender.