Technology always amuses and amazes him. This amazement is responsible for leading his way in web design and related services. Achuth started his career in technology and web services when he was 19.

He has been working with TheMarketingsmith for a long time, and enjoys being a part of the team because It is a dynamic place to work, where magic happens because the team pulls together in times of challenge and lift each other up in times of rest! He has worked on a lot of projects as a developer of TheMarketingsmith and the opportunities and growth that happens while we are working together are never ending.

He loves vancouver because it has three wonderfull things which adds its own flavor to the life here: lifestyle, food and people, and he is an active partner in various groups, societies and associations.

He always get himself updated about the new trends, streams and opportunities, and his social activities include from chit-chat to charity. Achuth is Graduate in Physics and a certificate holder in Enterprise Management, and he has worked with a number of organizations which operate in different business areas, working in technology and web development, but also in creative projects like advertising, promotions, brand building, etc.

He loves writing, and he is a published author, “Sorry, I’m Taken”. We are so proud of Achuth and applaud his new book and the must read of 2016.